Eindelijk maakt KFC een kolonel Sanders-datinggam

Eindelijk maakt KFC een kolonel Sanders-datinggam

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Finally, KFC Makes A Colonel Sanders dating Game

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One of my favorite ironic gaming subgenres is the fast food crossover. These glorified commercials slap some grease mascot into a cheap cash grab and the results are always hilarious. You’ve got those awful Doritos games, the amazing game of the year quality stealth game where you control the Burger King, and most recently Wendy’s slate of Super Mario Maker 2 levels.

Now KFC has gotten on-board the gaming train and the end product is as hellish as you would hope. Finally, here’s a Colonel Sanders dating game.

I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good dating Simulator wants you to think it’s an actual weird Japanese dating sim like Hatoful Boyfriend or whatever. But really it’s closer to an indie Western tribute of that genre like Dream Daddy. Only instead of having a progressive message of inclusiveness to help make the joke sweeter, this is just a game about gawking at an uncomfortably attractive anime Colonel Sanders.

Coming this month for free on Steam, the game presents several real screenshots where players seem to attend some kind of cooking academy. Presumably you make friends, battle rivals, and try to impress “the most famous chicken salesman of all time.” Other bullet points include “multiple hours of play” and “11 herbs and spices.”

Are there actual cooking mechanics like Cooking Mama or Battle Chef Brigade. My god, am I actually interested in this as a game? The developer is listed as “Psyop” which to some people really just admits that reality is an illusion.

Of course this isn’t the first time KFC has decided to get weird online, the go-to move for any #brands hungry for young people. They had the fried chicken firelog, the hot fake Colonel Sanders, the KFC drone, and the chicken sandwiches covered in Cheetos. Compared to those, a KFC dating game might be the best thing for your heart figuratively and literally.

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